Step & Learn

Step & Learn (WizeFloor)

Step & Learn (WizeFloor) is an interactive floor that promotes collective and differentiated learning styles and needs through play and physical activity. From a projector in the ceiling different learning games and activities are projected onto the floor. The children use their hands and feet to interact with the floor allowing them to do the activities. Multiple children can play simultaneously. It is very easy for both adults and children to create new learning games and exercises using the included software. With the included software the Step & Learn (WizeFloor) has a social as well as a pedagogical function at the same time it handles differentiated learning, as it offers the possibility of accommodating all the different learning styles of the children. Working with the Step & Learn (WizeFloor) covers different aspects:

  • it strengthens the formulating capacity and spelling proficiencies of the children,
  • they gain extensive training in searching for information and reading aloud,
  • they get better at collaborating plus they are using their bodies in the learning process, which means that they remember the learnt material better

Advantages of using Step and Learn

  • Learning through play and physical movement
  • Improved social skills through collaborative gaming
  • Create and share exercises with online Step & Learn (WizeFloor) community
  • A social and collaborative learning experience
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