Language lab

Language Lab

The interactive environment engages learners with thematic content to develop listening and reading comprehension progressively to understand and appreciate the language. It stimulates and guides the learners, with teacher intervention if required, to apply this understanding in spoken and written expression through carefully designed practice and assessments using the features of the software.

  • Listening Comprehension
  • Reading Practice
  • Digital Recorder
  • Voice Graph
  • Recap Functionality
  • Discussion Activities
  • Round table discussion
  • Model Imitation
  • Playlists
  • Communication
  • Join sessions and communicate
  • Voice Insert
  • Subtitling
  • Teacher Initiated activities
  • Monitoring Students
  • Whiteboard
  • Instructions
  • Written Assistance
  • Control of Student PCs
  • Screen Transfer with Audio and Marker Tool
  • Remote Access
  • Voting and Live feedback

Key Features of Language Lab:

  • Robust Pedagogical Framework
    • Global standards mapped to local context
    • Research-based language learning principles
  • Appropriate Technology
    • Easy-to-use and dynamic-pure software solution
    • Emphasis on Speaking and Listening skills
  • Easy classroom management
  • Peer and Group discussion
  • Role Plays and Model Imitation
  • Tutor control
  • Evaluation
  • Exercises mapped to the curriculum
    • Makes life easier for the teacher rather than using disparate content in Language Lab
  • Less time used to organize and do exercises
    • More practice achieved without jeopardizing the overall study plan
    • An average student practices and speaks more than 50% times of a traditional classroom
  • Possible to add your own content, if required
  • Facilitates ASL Guidelines of CBSE
  • Additional languages can be taught from the same software 
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